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8 Mobile App Development Trends to Follow for in 2024

The Mobile app development Company in India is evolving at a destroy-neck velocity. To live on and thrive on this virtual Darwinian technology, you need to get familiar with the changing Mobile app development tendencies. Nowadays, the telephone is the important thing to achieve digital media achievement. It fundamentally transforms commercial enterprise fashions, operating models, and marketplaces at a surprising charge. The incapability to tune and enforce the contemporary cell app technology trends is the number one purpose for this failure. This shortcoming additionally effects in losing out to a greater technologically adaptable competitor. Running and implementing a few mobile app improvement tips can enhance your app drastically. To make your mobile app a achievement, step one forward is to live updated with the cellular app improvement trends for 2022. Let’s speak some of those modern day traits in detail. At the same time as plenty of recent trends in mobile app development are rising this 12 months, right here are the top 8 mobile app improvement developments that we picked after elaborative, reality-primarily based research.

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Upward Thrust of 5G

The 5G generation has been around for some time. But this year, it has turned out to be a buzzword. Technology organizations have started incorporating 5G at full scale, and we see 5G-enabled devices in the marketplace. By next year, it’s expected that 660Mn smartphones may have 5G connection, accounting for around 47.5% of all devices. Check how 5G connections worldwide are projected to grow in upcoming years.

5G will change the way we build & use apps. Velocity and efficiency will significantly improve. Here are some things we can expect:

  • 5G will be as much as 100x faster than 4G.
  • Latency will reduce from 50 milliseconds (4G) to one millisecond.
  • With higher resolution, less latency, and faster performance – video streaming apps will greatly improve.
  • 5G will bring more possibilities for AR and VR as integrating these technologies into the app will be easier.
  • Transferring data between devices and smartphones will be quicker and smoother.
  • 5G will allow developers to build new functions without negatively affecting the mobile app performance.
  • Mobile payments will be faster and more secure due to the faster processing of biometric data for identification.

The 5G technology will make apps faster, smoother, and more efficient. It will also open rooms for innovation. All of the exciting ideas you might have about your app will now not remain ideas. With 5G, you can make them a reality. We can’t wait to see what the technology brings on board.

Apps for Foldable Devices

Although foldable devices are not yet dominating the overall smartphone market share, things will change in the coming years. According to Statista, 50 million devices will be shipped in 2022. So, it’s time you also keep foldable devices in mind while planning out your mobile app development strategy. Ensure your apps run seamlessly on foldable devices — a challenging mobile app development trend in 2022.

Unfolding the device to provide a larger screen will have a positive impact on users:

  • A larger display means more space for a detailed and immersive experience.
  • With multi-windows, a user can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Video streaming and gaming apps can attain maximum benefits from foldable devices by simply increasing their screen size – or using the extra space to provide more information and controls.

Accordingly, developing apps keeping the screen in mind will be one of the biggest mobile app development trends in 2022.

Food & Grocery Delivery Apps

People started relying heavily on apps like Instacart and meal kit services as they stayed at home following the lockdown. As a result, these were the fastest-growing app categories in 2020-21.

As you can see, there was a 40.9% rise in grocery app users in 2020. The majority preferred shopping for groceries online instead of visiting physical stores.

Similar was the case with food delivery apps. They saw a rise of 32.9% because people preferred ordering food online as it felt safer.

However, as you can see, both apps saw a decline in their popularity in 2021. While grocery apps saw a rise of 5.8%, food delivery app users declined by 2.6%.

We may also see a slight decline in their growth as we move back to normality. Food and grocery apps will still be a crucial part of our lives. People will never stop ordering food online, and Grocery apps will still account for 15.5% of smartphone users.

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